“Plants only grow as good as the water you hydrate them with.” – Matt Shotwell, Owner

Why Use Filtered Water?

When owner Matt Shotwell learned that both his beloved father and sister were diagnosed with cancer, he began to research nutritional information with the hope of finding something to help manage the debilitating side effects of chemotherapy.

Discussions with experts as well as his personal research led him to one conclusion: growing and juicing your own organic fruits and vegetables couple produce miraculous results in a variety of illnesses – including cancer.

In addition, the nutrition from these homegrown foods would resupply the body with the necessary nutrients that become depleted from using chemotherapy and associated drugs.

Matt's research taught him was that plants only grow as good as the water you hydrate them with. This is why he is launching a line of custom designed and affordable water filtration products, which were developed to convert the substandard quality of water that most people have coming out of their tap into healthier, filtered water.

Why Use Our Filtration Units?

tall boss product shot from greenwell supplyLil' Boss filtered water unit from Greenwell SupplyOur products feature stand-alone filters for immediate removal of chlorine and sediment from water. They are perfect for organic compost tea and extract solutions, organic supplements, hydroponics and bioorganic gardening. Grow brighter flowers, bigger fruit and healthier plants. Use with microbiologically safe water.

  • Immediately removes chlorine and dirt
  • Reduces silt, rust, sand, sediment & more
  • Keeps beneficial bacteria & microorganisms alive and healthy
  • Economical solution for city water users
  • Everything needed to start filtering your water right away is included
  • Units are easy to set up and include step-by-step instructions